About CrisisAlert Virtual Emergency Operations Center

CrisisAlert is a virtual emergency operations center designed to support emergency response, business continuity and crisis communications activities. By gathering the decision makers together and supplying them with the most current information, better decisions can be made. Many organizations have a designated primary EOC established at the main business facility but do not think about the worst case scenario.. Facility unavailable. This is where CrisisAlert differentiates itself by having a internet based virtual EOC that supports the following incident management functions:

Activation -Bring knowledge and expertise together to deal with events that threaten the business virtually

Situation Analysis -Gathering information to determine what is happening and to identify potential impacts by using Crisis Alert real-time bulletin boards and team workspace

Incident Briefing – Efficiently share information among team members

Incident Action Plan – Provide a single point for decision-making and decide on a course of action for the current situation

Resource Management – Provide a single point of contact to identify, procure and allocate resources

Incident Management -Monitor actions, capture event data and adjust strategies as needed.

Reid Renicker, CEM, CBCP

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